The improvement in battery technology is affecting every industry in the world, and the real estate industry is no exception. Though they are many accessories that rely on this new battery technology, we are only going to cover one sector, and that is cars as it now relates directly to real estate. Before the only relation of vehicles to real estate was some homes were made with a single garage. When you started to get into two, three, four or more garages then you were heading towards luxury houses. As we progress into every New Year, the realization that the average house standard will require an electric charging station to charge these new battery-powered cars is inevitable.

New house builders will be wise to start offering electric charging station and solar shingles with new built. People who are into rehabbing old houses will also make their rehab more in demand by adding an electric charging station to charge these electric cars. Solar shingles are also a great asset to offset the long-run electricity cost to charge these electric vehicles.

Most people care about two essential things, and that is a place to live and transportation. With the invention of these electric cars, it is going to be hard to separate a house from the car because now they both will be connected. As the demand grows for electric vehicles, so will the market will develop for homes that have this charging station in place to charge these electric cars.

The current top seven car manufacturers to influence the change in the real estate industry with these electric vehicles are Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagen, and Kia.