After living in your house for years, you have come to the point where you desire to sell your home. During those years you had it painted the way you wanted and made your dream home come through. Now is time to pack your dreams and leave the house for someone else to create their dream home. 

In the attic and the garage, you accumulated a lot of stuff over the time, and at that time you bought them you thought it was a good idea, but there is no room to walk in those areas. You always thought one day you might need it, and even though you never used them, you could not come to grips in getting rid of them. You wonder if anyone will notice the water stain on the ceiling that seems to spread a little more than it did a few months ago, but since there was no need for a bucket, you avoid spending money to investigate what causes it because you fear the expense of knowing. 

Though this scenario is fictional, it may be all too familiar, and most selling agents have confronted similar issues over time. The skilled selling agent has the difficult job of informing the seller of the significance of improving their house to a comparable position of the last homes that sold in the proximity of the seller's house.

The seller's agent depends on the completion of its Comparative Market Analysis, which is commonly called Home Value. The skilled seller's agent will show the seller houses that compares to the seller's home. In most cases, the seller will see the interior as well as exterior photos of similar houses and how long each house stayed on the market before it sold. It is essential to complete a home value and to rely on the information found in it. The skilled agent will point out the pluses of the houses that sold and the negatives of your house to the line up of the successfully sold homes. Sellers should understand that the skilled seller's agent is not trying to be downgrading but trying to turn negative issues into a positive outcome which will reflect in profit. A seller should keep in mind that the seller has a legal obligation to disclose all defects that the seller knows of their property.

The CMA is very usefully in getting ideas to get your house up to standard. It can give you room color and staging ideas, so your home has the best presentation to prospective buyers. When a seller uses the CMA, it will reduce costly mistakes in doing updates that do not add value or doing the wrong update that harms the home value. A skilled seller's agent is a great asset to interpret and apply the necessary facts to your project. 

Above all the aesthetic issues, the basics of the house should be in good condition. The basics of the house are the roof, gutters, plumbing, chimney, fixtures, walls, and basement. The seller must not ignore the basics of the house because a skilled buyer's agent is going to recommend that their buyer get a home inspection. When a home inspector finds issues, then it usually costs time and money to all parties involved. For instance, when a seller decides on a contract, the house is taken off the market. The seller could be committed to a purchase contract of their own that they are committed to close within a time frame. If one thing goes wrong, a lot of wrongs can follow. In the real estate market, everything is time-sensitive that could involve a per diem basis that could get costly until fulfilled. Interest rate lock on a mortgage could expire and then subject the buyer to the higher interest rates. 

In some cases, the seller is pressure into a seller's concession, which may mean a higher cost to repair the item than if the seller had gotten it fixed in advance. However, the bigger problem arises when an appraiser goes to the property and states that the value will depend on specific issues fixed in the house. In that situation, the buyer's loan to buy the seller's home is on hold until a resolution for the appraiser's condition is complete. Most delays reduce the seller's profit, so it is always best to have a skilled seller's agent that will give the hard truth in advance. Some qualified seller's agent finds themselves saying to a seller, "Help me to help you."