Some people dream of having their own business and they try to select a business that they think they can manage. In the top ten small business choices to start in Maryland, Washington DC Metropolitan Area is a restaurant that sells ethnic styled food. There is a great diversity of ethnic people that live in the Maryland, Washington DC Metropolitan Area. However, many restaurant businesses fail in the first two years due to a lack of preparation and then to struggle with breaking a long term commercial lease. To start a restaurant business you have to create a business plan and determine every situation because you will be responsible for the entire remainder of the lease even if the business fails.

One of the most important parts of the plan in the restaurant business is the menu. The menu does not need to have every dish under the sun but should have the best dishes that people like and you specialize in. The best dishes people like should be researched and a recipe for each dish should be part of the plan. This may require experimenting at home and develop uniqueness for your dish that people love.

A recipe for disaster is using a substitute ingredient for any original dish after you had created the ingredients that customers like. If you create a dish using butter, but instead you use margarine because you ran short on butter, the taste will be different. Switching up an ingredient can cost you a lot of customers. For example, A person buys your food for the first time when you had butter in the food and it gave it the flavor that peaks that person’s taste. The second time the person comes back to get more of the same tasting food that was bought the first time it does not taste the same. That person may have driven out of their way with the expectation of that reminisced taste and the person is deeply disappointed with the food that tastes disgusting. Something like this may seem simple but when multiplied, this is one of the main examples of how many restaurants fails.

The Recipe is the heart of a restaurant. Once an effective recipe is created it must be followed to the letter. That means no one person should have power over the restaurant success. Some restaurant is dependent on the cook, and if the cook gets upset and leaves so does the restaurant; the taste that people come to love in your restaurant will be gone with the cook.

People want to eat at a place that has good food and it is prepared in a clean place. People are always watching and judge how you handle the food. People will observe how you handle other people’s food and thinking if their food is being handled the same way; Beit good or bad. For instance, emptying a garbage container or coughing in your hand without washing your hands before you pick up a cookie with your bare hands to put on a person’s plate. Another example, a person goes to use the bathroom in your restaurant and the bathroom smells of urine, plumbing does not work correctly, floor dirty and paper out of place or no paper to use. Most people will think that if the employees use the same bathroom and the bathroom is disgusting, then the food is also prepared in filth.

Some people may complain about the food not tasting good and you do not want to return their money because of no refund policy. When these many situations happen the customers also have a policy of their own and it is a do not return policy. A restaurant especially, rather than any other business should seek feedback with every customer. It also shows customers that you take pride in your service and it is part of reinforcement marketing of your care.