The Rolling Stones has a song that applies to real estate that states, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well, you might find you get what you need." Personal creativity can be an "asset" both figuratively and literally to real estate. Being able to see things not as is but as to what it can become makes a difference in cost between wants and needs. Most first time home buyers struggle with their egos in wanting to buy a home in a perfect condition contrary to their financial restraints.

As someone said, "A house is not a home." You can build a house, but you have to make a home. The word home sounds warm, comforting, and cozy. The word house seems empty. The home will become a house when you have difficulty paying for it. You can get the perfect house if you can maintain the ideal price. Sure it will impress your friends and may make some envious, but your friends are not the one that is going to pay for it over time. 

Most first time home buyers starting will start having a family that also comes with its expenses. For instance, a first time home buyer buys a house then later has kids that add to the future liability. Thus, having a house that may not be the most impressive starting out, but you can comfortably pay for it and handle other expenses makes your house a home. Some of the best house deals are the ones that need a little elbow grease that you do on weekends or your vacation from work. Some work that you cannot do yourself, you can save up money or by getting a part-time job to get additional money and have it done by a contractor.

It is a significant accomplishment to be a homeowner of any home type. Buying a house is not like buying a car. A house usually appreciates while a vehicle depreciates. It is constructive not to look at a house in the same premise of a car; A home is used, but not used up like a car. A house needs to viewed through a creative mindset.