Real Estate Profinder Accreditation System

The real estate industry worldwide has been fragmented with numerous little pockets of real estate professionals, real estate agencies, associations, and commissions all over the internet, each having their websites in ways that have no uniformity. Most of the sites are not easy to understand because they have too much information or not straight to the point information that the real estate customer needs. They create a time-consuming challenge for real estate consumers to research to find information that solely applies to their needs. Though real estate consumers want to know about how buying or selling real estate works, they realize that everyone's situation is different. So they need reputable real estate professionals that will personalize the real estate information to make it understandable for them to accomplish their real estate goals.  

Real Estate Profinder system creates a hub of talented real estate professionals that are committed to excellence and essential to help real estate consumers accomplish their real estate needs worldwide or locally. Real Estate Profinder is a free service to consumers and real estate professionals. The real estate professional found on Real Estate Profinder must get support from a professional association. Specialize associations are the backbone of the real estate commerce, although seldom notice. Associations offer guidance to real estate professionals so that they operate ethically and professionally. At times, Associations also lobby the government for the benefit of the real estate industry that ultimately benefits the real estate consumer monetarily.

Real Estate Profinder accreditation technology provides maintenance of the commitment to excellence. We depend on the real estate consumer's feedback to regulate the accreditation system with its real-time resolution.

Real estate agents, lenders, home inspectors, and title agents that get a compliment will get a VeriSatisfied Award badge displayed on their virtual business card or free profile. We do not publish compliments or complaints.

Real estate agents, lenders, home inspectors, and title agents that resolve a customer complaint within 30 days after feedback will maintain a Badge previously gotten.

The real estate professionals that are in our System aspire to be the best, so feedback from their clients about their work performance has value for promoting continued excellent customer service.

The real estate professional that registers with the Real Estate Profinder accreditation system agrees to the following 10 Commandment Policy.

1). Continually strive to improve the professional's real estate skills through education and consumer feedback. 2. Adhere to the professional's code of ethics that their profession requires. 3. Maintain all required legal authorization to provide their specific real estate service of their jurisdiction. 4. Belongs to a professional association that supports their professional skills. 5. Keep their client's personal data confidential. 6. Resolve issues that are within their control promptly. 7. Treat their clients with confidentiality, integrity, and respect. 8. Respond to their customer's concerns in a quick manner. 9. Practice good listening. 10. Ask twice if their client understands at each stage of a process.