About Us

Real Estate Profinder is a referral database. Our mission is using technology to make real estate consumers worldwide get real estate information they want when they need it. To do this, we provide real estate professionals with the technology that enables them to respond quickly to an inquiry from real estate consumers.

The earth's real estate is divided up into many intricacies. These intricacies create a challenge for real estate consumers that dream of moving to an area but do not know the real estate pros or cons of the location they wish to relocate.

We provide real estate professionals with a virtual business card that is called My SphereCard. We store all My SphereCard in our database. Real estate consumers can explore our referral system to find the real estate professional that meets their search criteria. My SphereCard has various communication tools to get timely real estate information.

Our goal is to continually find ways to make it easy for people to get real estate information and the assistance to buy or sell real estate worldwide.

The real estate professionals that are in our referral system's database aspire to be the best, and so feedback from their clients about their performance is always valued.