About Us

Real Estate Profinder is an application that is useful to find real estate professionals. Our policy is to preserve the quality of customer service of real estate professionals. We provide a virtual business card called MYSphereCard so that consumers get direct access to the professional of their choice.

Real estate professional that registers with the Real Estate Profinder accreditation system agrees to the following Commitment to Excellence Policy. 1). The professional shall continually strive to improve the professional's real estate skills through education and consumer feedback. 2. The expert shall adhere to the professional's code of ethics that their profession requires. 3. The professional will maintain all required legal authorization to provide their specific real estate service of their jurisdiction. 4. The Professional belongs to a professional association that supports their professional skills. 5. Professionals keep their client's information confidential. 7. The professionals resolve issues that are within their control promptly. 8. The professional treats its clients with confidentiality, integrity, and respect. 9. Professionals respond to their client's concerns in a quick manner.

We inspire consumer confidence with an accreditation system to find the real estate professionals that meet their search criteria. The consumer controls the accreditation system with their feedback concerning the work performed by their pro. Real Estate Profinder does not publish Complaints or Compliments but award all Professionals without negative feedback with a VeriSatisfied Badge. The Pro that gets complaint feedback must resolve the complaint within 30 days to maintain their VeriSatisfied Badge. The Pro that does not address their consumer’s issue will cause their VeriSatisfied Badge to remove from their MYSphereCard, and the Pro’s MYSphereCard will not appear in Real Estate Profinder accreditation search results where the Pros get an opportunity of getting unlimited contacts from consumers.

The Pro’s MYSphereCard that got a complaint and has not responded within the 30 days will still display in the Real Estate Profinder app but without the badge because the MYSphereCard is independent of the Real Estate Profinder accreditation system. If a real estate pro has not registered with Real Estate Profinder and a consumer leaves feedback with a Compliment, the accreditation system will create a record with a Badge. Consumers can check if a pro has a VeriSatisfied Badge by going to Find Pro and search by name.

The real estate professionals that are in our system aspire to be the best, and so feedback from their clients about their work performance is always valued