Showcase Pros that are Committed to Excellence

Real Estate ProFinder LLC promotes real estate agents, lenders, home inspectors and title agents that are committed to excellence on its site. The Professional's Commitment of Excellence involves the real estate professionals continually improving their professional craft by educations and from feedback, adhere to the professional ethics of their field, belong to a professional association that hones their professional skills, keep their client's information confidential, resolve issues that are within their control in a timely manner, treat their clients with integrity and respect, respond to their clients concerns in quick manner.

In accordance to the Professional's Commitment of Excellence, real estate professionals that appear on Real Estate ProFinder website agrees to resolve issues that were or are in their control that is submitted to Real Estate ProFinder. If an issue that was or is within a professional's control and both consumer and professional do not reach a resolve the real estate professional's profile may be removed from Real Estate ProFinder until a satisfactory resolution is reached.

The feedback from clients and customers is what makes Real Estate ProFinder LLC unique in the real estate industry. Real Estate ProFinder does not place complaints or compliments about real estate professionals on Real Estate ProFinder website that is received. When a real estate professional gets a compliment it will be forwarded to them with a Real Estate ProFinder Award in a digital JPEG format.

In the promotion of quality customer service, Real Estate ProFinder Award is given to real estate professionals that get satisfactory feedback. The real estate professional has the option to display this prestigious award accompanied by the compliment on their personal websites.